Contract (docx)


We're your partners

At Consigning Women a successful consignment for you is profitable for both of us.  We'll price your items fairly, based on the original retail prices.  We will present your items in a clean organized environment to give them the best chance to sell.

you're our partners

We trust you will present your items to us in excellent condition, ready to sell.  It's easy!  No stains, pet hair or odors (smoke/moth balls/unused closet), and very minimal wrinkles.  Items must be clean, but dry cleaning is not necessary.  Please review your items for stains and damage, including missing size tags or hems - we will not be able to accept those items.

Bring it!

Bring your consignments for review Tuesday through Saturday (see our hours on the home page).  We do not accept consignments on Mondays.  Thank you for your understanding as we take a day to catch up.

what sells

We are not brand specific at all - we have a great variety  of items from dept. stores, specialty stores, and the big box stores.  Items that have been out of retail for more than 4 years are not always successful.  

please review our consignment agreement

This form (located above) has a lot of information including the percentage you earn, and how to maximize it. When and how you bring your items in will affect how much you make per item.